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You're a nice person, and so you debate back and forth whether you should sue the seemingly nice doctor or medical practitioner. Let us help you think it through. If they were neglectful, shouldn't they learn from their mistake?

Call Harrison & Christos for a free evaluation today; we'll help you each step of the way.

Has a doctor hurt, rather than helped, you?

You trust your doctor to give you the best medical care, so when he or she fails to do so, you or your family suffers. Don’t dismiss this as happenstance

– get compassionate care and persistent representation from Harrison & Christos. We’re always on your side and here to help.


Doctors should help, not hurt. Let us help to defend you against malpractice, such as:

• Amputations / wrongful death / negligence

• Anesthesia, surgical errors / pharmacy negligence

• Defective drugs / medical-related injuries

• Dental malpractice

• Vaccine illnesses or injuries

• Patient abuse / Nursing home abuse

• Delay / failure to diagnose cancer

Hard, but right

Trust us, we know

We've been helping people and handling cases for more than 35 years. We know the ins and outs and we'll take care of the hard part for you – we’ll walk you through the legal jargon step by step and explain what's going on.

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