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You need help filing for Social Security?

You may have planned to work well into your 60s, but an injury altered that course. Harrison & Christos can help you file for social security disability so you can continue living a productive, happy life even though you’re unable to work. Let us analyze your needs with a FREE evaluation, and get the process started off right.

   You, or a family member, may be eligible for Social Security Disability for any number of reasons, from a work-related accident to a simple strain or sprain that prevents physical labor. Maneuvering through the process is not an easy task. Let us take your side. Disability can help you and your family with:

• Shoulder dystocia / Carpal Tunnel syndrome

• Spinal cord injuries / traumatic brain injuries

• Amputations / fractures / broken bones

• Electrical / chemical injuries / Fire or explosion

• Farm accidents / Work-related injuries

• Exposure to paints / dyes / chemicals

• Strains and sprains

Trust the experts

Gov't Doubletalk?

Social Security Disability is supposed to be a right, but the run around that you get in trying to qualify is maddening. Call an attorney who cares about you and your family, who knows how to deal with all of this.

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